Educational Programmes

Sculpture Walk

Be an art critic for the day and get your creativity flowing with our interactive programme!

Learn about the garden’s creator, Aw Boon Haw, and how he used cultural art to teach valuable lessons to society. Embark on an amazing art journey through Haw Par Villa and pick your way through a remarkable landscape filled to the brim with sculpture of all sorts.

Through a labyrinth of colorful stone and elaborate dioramas, famous Chinese classics such as Journey to the West and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the story of the Eight Immortals Crossing the Eastern Sea are brought to life in stunning detail. Discover also how religions, cultures, and artistic styles came together to influence Chinese and Southeast Asian art and architecture!

Students will be tasked to examine primary and secondary sources, the sculptures in the park and the stories they heard from the facilitator. They will use the knowledge they have gathered to complete a creative writing activity.

Haw Par Villa
Heritage Trail

Take a scenic stroll through our mesmerising park and discover legends and famous stories behind the colourful dioramas.

Embark on an amazing journey through Haw Par Villa’s remarkable landscape filled to the brim with cultural sculptures of all shapes and sizes. Students will also learn about the Park’s creator, Aw Boon Haw, and how he used art to spread valuable cultural and moral lessons to younger generations. 

Using selected dioramas and sculptures, facilitators will share prominent stories from Asian and Chinese cultures, such as the famous Chinese classics. Three of the Chinese classics – Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the Eight Immortals, have been represented artistically and brought to life in stunning detail. 

See how culture can influence art, and how cultural messages can be conveyed through art – such as the Vices and Virtues dioramas which reflect the rewards of good behavior and consequences of bad deeds.