Singapore HeritageFest 2022
09:00am May 7, 2022 to 06:00pm May 31, 2022

Haw Par Villa is participating in Singapore HeritageFest 2022!

Catch the following exciting programmes in the park for the month of May 🎉

1. Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: Legacy of the Aw Family

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright: Legacy of the Aw Family

How much do you know about the family that gave us Tiger Balm and the wonderful quirky park that is Haw Par Villa? Find out more about the controversial millionaire philanthropist and marketing extraordinaire, Aw Boon Haw. Hear about the family’s rise to fabulous riches and the tragedies that stalked them. 

Join our brand-new guided tour of the park, conducted by our very own Park Ambassadors, the tour will give you an introduction to the Aw Family history and kickstart your exploration of Haw Par Villa! 

2. The Tiger Car Workshop

The Tiger Car Workshop

You’ve seen the Tiger sitting quietly in the park. But have you seen it come to live? 

Join us for the Tiger Car Workshop as you learn about its restorative process and get to sit in the driver’s seat of this authentic 1925 Buick. Hear the engines go, step on the accelerator and also get to hear the sound of its horn! 

3. Solar New Year Exhibition

Solar New Year Exhibition

Throughout South and Southeast Asia, many communities had celebrated their New Year from 13 – 16 April. You might have heard of some of them – Songkran, Pi Mai, Puthandu, and Vaisakhi!

This year, Haw Par Villa had celebrate these cultures and their colourful festivals under a single collecting: The Solar New Year. 

Come see this exhibition of how the different communities celebrate their new year! 


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