Singapore HeritageFest 2022
09:00am May 2, 2022 to 06:00pm May 31, 2022

Singapore HeritageFest x Haw Par Villa

The Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) is the National Heritage Board’s signature annual outreach event that celebrates the many facets of Singapore’s diverse heritage and culture. SHF works with individuals, groups and communities to co-create programmes and offerings. This allows the festival to uncover lesser-known stories and narratives, engender a greater sense of ownership, and empower Singaporeans to safeguard and promote our shared heritage.

Haw Par Villa will be participating in Singapore HeritageFest 2022!

Look out for these events that you can do at the park during the month of May!

1. Tiger Tiger Burning Bright™: Legacy of the Aw Family

What’s the story behind the humble Tiger Balm ointment? More than 100 years old, it can be found in most pharmacies in every country and is a “won’t leave home without it” for millions.

How much do you know about the family that gave us Tiger Balm and the wonderful quirky park that is Haw Par Villa? Find out more about the controversial millionaire philanthropist and marketing extraordinaire, Aw Boon Haw. Hear about the family’s rise to fabulous riches and the tragedies that stalked them.

Purchase your tickets while stocks last! 

2. The Tiger Car Story

We’ve all heard of the world-famous ointment Tiger Balm. But do you know about the Tiger Car?

The Tiger Car was conceptualised by business tycoon Aw Boon Haw as a unique marketing tool for his Tiger Balm empire. Through the 1920s and 30s, his Tiger Cars prowled the roads of Singapore, turning heads wherever they went. Although they were a wonderful publicity stunt, sadly, none of the originals remain.

Today, Haw Par Villa is proud to present the vintage 1925 Buick which was remodeled to resemble the Tiger Car of old. If you would like to learn how the original cars were part of Boon Haw’s marketing genius and the vintage car’s restoration journey, don’t miss out on this opportunity. You’ll get to peek at its inner gears and bring it to life!  Get up close and personal with the car – don’t miss out on this photo opportunity!

Limited slots, on a first-come-first-served basis. Book your slot to avoid disappointment!

Purchase your tickets while stocks last! 

3. Solar New Year Exhibition

The Aw Brothers opened Haw Par Villa to the masses, as a vibrant and educational park for all communities, during a time when there were limited recreational areas for the general public. In keeping with the spirit of the Aw brothers to keep the park inclusive and educational, Haw Par Villa is bringing the communities together yet again to celebrate diversity and heritage. 

We are all aware of the universal New Year, 1 January, and the Lunar New Year which usually falls in late January or February. But slightly later in mid-April, another New Year arrives for a host of communities across South and Southeast Asia. The Solar New Year unites a myriad of communities across the Indian subcontinent, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and a part of Southern China.

Come learn more about the Solar New Year and the communities which celebrate it!

Not sure where the Culture Courtyard is?

4. Book Trips

Can’t wait to travel again? 🗺️ Travel literary – Join us on a Book Trip of 15 different past and present attractions in Singapore!
Take a day trip with local authors! Explore the island anew through this online literary map of Singapore’s past and present attractions.
Rediscover travel and tourism through 15 short stories, essays, and poems, which take you to iconic places like Fort Siloso and Haw Par Villa, as well as off the beaten path to locations like Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Singapore Race Course.
Read these book excerpts, play simple quizzes, and take touristy photos with AR filters created by local artists.

Unlock your AR filter here!

5. Just My Kinda Place (A Celeb Haw Par Audio Tour)

A visit to Haw Par is all about sharing stories. Folktales, legends, histories, and countless personal memories – stories to inspire and stories to thrill.

Let local stars Dick Lee, Koh Chieng Mun, Joanna Dong and Yeo Yann Yann be your storytellers – see the weird, wondrous world of Haw Par through their eyes! Each of them has picked their ten favorite statues that tickle, tease and thrill them. From fairies to demons, mermaids to monkeys, parables to celestial battles – these statues show why Haw Par has become their kinda place. Let them audio-guide you on an intimate and eye-opening journey through Haw Par Villa! Just pick your celeb, head on down to Haw Par Villa, and use the links to access the tours on your own device. Ideal for first-time visitors and return visitors alike!

The tours are in English and each tour takes approximately 40 mins, but feel free to wander off the audio track and explore on your own!

Access the audio tours here


We’ve created original greeting cards for the Solar New Year. Feel free to download them and send them to family and friends! 

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