Spirits Festival 2022
12:00am July 28, 2022 to 11:59pm August 20, 2022

Every 7th Lunar Month, the gates of Hell open and hungry ghosts are free to wander the mortal realm, looking for food and entertainment – or do they? 

You’ve seen the Hungry Ghost and Ullambana Festival growing up. But do you know why these activities are practiced?🤔

Join us in our inaugural Spirits Festival 2022 to explore what this spooky and misunderstood month is all about. 

⏬Scroll on to see what’s up in Haw Par Villa this month! 

1. End of an Era Exhibition

For 63 years, Yeo Swee Huat Paper Agency was a pillar of the paper offerings industry, a crucial component of the commemoration of traditional rituals in Chinese festivals. 

Its owner, Mr Yeo Hung Teo, 83, was famous for being one of the few artisans in Singapore who could craft and paint traditional Teochew lanterns. The company also created and supplied paper effigies needed for events such as the Hungry Ghost Festival and the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. 

Sadly, in July 2022, the firm shut its doors for the last time – the victim of general decline in traditional Chinese trades in Singapore, the COVID-19 pandemic, and an unexpected tragedy. 

The exhibition is at the Cloud Pavilion in the Culture Courtyard. 

2. Tibetan 7th Lunar Month Sur Prayer @ Haw Par Villa

On the evening of Thursday, 18 August, Journeys Pte Ltd will host the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in conducting a Sur Prayer. 

The Sur Prayer is an offering made to hungry ghosts in Tibetan Buddhism, down during the 7th Lunar Month. The Tibetan Buddhist Centre usually conducts the Sur Prayer at their headquarters in 281 Jalan Besar, everyday during the 7th Lunar Month, usually at dusk. 

All are welcome to view this ancient ritual of compassion and blessing, and get a deeper understanding of the practices behind the 7th Lunar Month.  

3. RoAMTalk: Panel Discussion - Demystifying the 7th Lunar Month

In the second edition of the talk series, Journeys will organise a panel discussion with subject experts in Buddhism and Taoism, to shed light on an often misunderstood practice – the observation of the 7th Lunar Month in Singapore. 

The moderated session will correct misconceptions and provide different perspectives about a very public festival which has a significant impact on Singapore’s cultural religious landscape. Members of the public will also get the chance to pose questions to our panellists. 

4. 7th Lunar Month Buddhist - Taoist Unity Prayers

The prayers will focus on shared values such as compassion, generousity, remembrance, and repentance – values which are emphasised during the 7th Lunar Month. 

In the spirit of inter-faith unity, this event will bring together Buddhist monks and Taoist priests in one location for the 7th Lunar Month prayers – a first for Haw Par Villa and perhaps Singapore. 

The event will include the following: 

  1. Prayers by Buddhist monks
  2. Prayers by Taoists priests
  3. A combined procession with Buddhist monks and Taoist priests past Buddhist and Taoist figures in Haw Par Villa. 


To deepen understanding and appreciation of the significance of the 7th Lunar Month, the monks and priests will share their thoughts about the meanings of their prayers. 

All are welcome to witness this meaningful event. 


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