Wellness Festival Singapore 2022
09:00am June 3, 2022 to 06:00pm June 12, 2022

Haw Par Villa x
Wellness Festival Singapore 2022

Haw Par Villa invites you to join us for 2 weekends of wellbeing and healing!

As part of the island-wide Inaugural Wellness Festival in Singapore, Haw Par Villa is presenting an array of wellness experiences for everyone. 

Participants would also enjoy $5 off Hell’s Museum Tickets! Instructions on how to redeem the tickets would be sent to you after the event you signed up for has concluded. 


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1. Mindful Art @ Hell's Museum

Mindful Art @ the Hell’s Museum is a specially curated 3-hour workshop by Centre for Mindfulness Singapore and Journeys (management of Haw Par Villa). You will be taken on a tour of Hell’s Museum, Singapore’s #1 Travellers’ Ranked Museum on Tripadvisor, to explore concepts and perspectives of death and the afterlife. Thereafter, you will meditate with a Mindfulness Teacher to discover what’s most important to you in your life and what makes you happy. Finally, you will bring those insights into creating your personal painting (all materials are included).
Spend a mindful afternoon of meaning, purpose, and introspection into what death and the afterlife means to you. The combination of mindfulness practices and art activities has been shown to enhance the following aspects of well-being:
• Reduced stress
• Developed Internal resilience
• Encouraged personal respite
• Increased levels of happiness
• Refocused attention
• Developed self-awareness
• Boosted creativity


Note: All participants will get

  1. Audio files for Mindfulness practices
  2. Artwork that was created by themselves
  3. A guided tour of Hell’s Museum, which is ranked the number one museum in Singapore.

Purchase your tickets while stocks last! 

2. Secret Sunset @ Haw Par Villa

SECRET SUNSET AT HAW PAR VILLA – By Secret Sunrise Singapore.

Secret Sunset @ Haw Par Villa is a form of dance fitness where trained facilitators take participants on a 60-minute journey using uplifting music through wireless headsets – Starting with calming mindfulness techniques and then moving into uplifting beats for people to dance, be creative and sweat it out, ending back down with calming, mindful music to bring back connection.

Not only does Secret Sunset improve Mind, Body, and Emotional Wellbeing by raising endorphins, being outdoors, and encouraging community and connection, it also helps participants feel good within their bodies, and gives them a sense of belonging and connection to their bodies, to nature and to each other.


We invite you to join us as we celebrate the sunset at Haw Par Villa, donning bright colours and the branded Secret Sunrise wireless headphones, in an hour of mindfulness, playfulness, fun, and dance whilst connecting with nature – all key pillars in the Secret Sunrise brand.

Purchase your tickets while stocks last! 

3. Ayurveda Health Talk

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic system of nutrition that has been practiced by millions for thousands of years. It is known as “the science of life” and covers vast range of topics from philosophy to body mind soul environment seasons plants animals etc. Ayurveda places a great importance on diet and lifestyle for wellness and prevention of diseases. Our body tissues undergo wear and tear daily. It is important to replenish them with the right type of nourishment that supports overall health and wellbeing. Ayurveda diet and lifestyle takes a holistic approach in maintaining overall wellbeing.

The Ayurveda Health Talk by Ms Vasanthi Pillay, President of the Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS) will delve deeper into its background, explain its universal and timeless principles and why it continues to guide us in holistic wellness today.

The key topics that will be covered are:

  • Ayurvedic perspective of Nourishment
  • Customised nutrition vs broad based nutrition
  • Why digestion is the key to health
  • Ayurveda concept of gut microbiome and gut health
  • Why and how thoughts play a role in nutrition

In addition, all participants will receive a Herbal drink recipe to help improve digestion.

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We’ve created original greeting cards for the Solar New Year. Feel free to download them and send them to family and friends! 

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