Haw Par Villa
01:00pm to 01:00pm - January 4, 2022

A Unique Wedding Destination

Framed with lush greenery, the historic Haw Par Villa is the perfect location for the wedding of a lifetime. Enjoy a dreamy cocktail reception at our sprawling courtyard as the sun sets over the horizon. Our spacious Museum Hall is where the magic begins, a celebration of the everlasting union – glorious feasting, heartfelt speeches, champagne toasts and quirky moments. The sky’s the limit at Haw Par Villa

Feast on the possibilities

We offer a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces – dine under the stars, or enjoy merry feasting in air-conditioned comfort

Interactive Experiences

Guests were in for a treat at Fran & Kevin’s wedding, where they whizzed through the park on Ninebots. After a few spins at the courtyard, the more adventurous souls took to our signature red-bricked pathway for the full, immersive experience

Sky Lanterns Magic Let your wishes take flight

Here at Haw Par Villa, we are all about unique and memorable experiences. Enjoy the magical opportunity to release beautiful sky lanterns at the top of the hill, each holding a note to cherish. This is the perfect moment for the wedding couple to bask in the delightful wishes and congratulatory speeches (or tongue-in-cheek remarks)!

Behind-the-scenes: Writing wishes on sky lanterns

Customised Photo Opportunities
​Immortalise your memories at Haw Par Villa

With over 1,000 quirky sculptures and dioramas dotted around the surreal landscape of Haw Par Villa, you are guaranteed a wealth of memorable photo opportunities. Take home great memories for the years to come – pile on the romance, showcase your playful side, do YOUR thing.


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